ross ebbe

Ross Ebbe


Agency: not yet signed

Experience: The Dapper Style



  • 5’11”
  • 40R jacket
  • 16″ x 34″ shirt
  • 31″ x 30″ pant
  • 10.5 shoe
  • blond hair
  • blue/green eyes
  • tattoos: none

4 thoughts on “ross ebbe

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  4. As a gay man, I am normally not attracted to male models. I admire, respect and certainly enjoy looking at their pictures. However, Ross Ebbe is the true exception. Ross combines the rare combination of a virginal straight- off- the- farm face with the chiseled rock hard body of a Greek God. Ross is by far the most handsome and sexiest man I have ever seen. He is absolutely adorable. Everything about him, from his beautiful blond hair, shy All-American guy- next- door smile, powerful six pack abs, and firm sexy bubble butt is sheer perfection. I’ll bet even his feet are perfect. He innocently radiates ultra-masculine sex appear in every picture regardless of the style of clothes. I have no doubt that everyone who meets him, immediately falls in love with him; I know I have. He seems to be the kind of guy everyone wants as a friend. I feel he is real, natural and unpretentious and doesn’t flaunt his God given beauty. Ross is far more sexy and handsome than any of PEOPLE Magazine’s Sexiest Men Contest winners. I hope Ross is awarded a lucrative contract from a Hollywood talent agency. He certainly is deserving of a prosperous and successful future in television and/or movies. He is far more handsome, classy, and sophisticated than any of today’s actors. May God bless, protect, and grant Ross, and the people he loves, a happy, prosperous, and safe 2017. I remain a devoted fan and admirer.

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